iphone audio and ringer issues

IPhone Audio and Ringer Issues; HELP!

Did your IPhone turn silent on you? Missing those important calls and ready to give it up? If you are an avid user of any Apple Gadgets, you must be aware that these gadgets are usually very susceptible to problems. In fact anything electronic tends to be this way. Aside from the sole reason that […]

Mobile Phone Deals in UK

Mobile Phones Deals in UK

Mobile phones have taken over this era, and have become an integral part of people’s life all around the world. Consumers has been keeping tabs and updated with regards to the changes in the trends in the UK mobile market. With the mobile phone market on the rise, and competition being fiercer, choosing the right […]

fall back

Time to Fall Back

Its the start of autumn and its time to fall back again. Remember to set your clocks an hour backwards. This is a friendly reminder from Mobile Repair Coventry


Must Have Utility Apps for Android

Android mobile devices already come with pre-installed apps. From the extremely useful ones, to annoying applications you could so without. With a lot of available choices on the app market, there are loads of practical apps you can install on your Android mobile device to make it more versatile. From simple app that adds measurement […]


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