IPhone Audio and Ringer Issues; HELP!

Did your IPhone turn silent on you? Missing those important calls and ready to give it up? If you are an avid user of any Apple Gadgets, you must be aware that these gadgets are usually very susceptible to problems. In fact anything electronic tends to be this way. Aside from the sole reason that Apple’s iPhone’ are generally not user friendly to begin with.
If you are experiencing IPhone Audio and Ringer Issues, You can try several things before giving up on your gadget. First and foremost is to narrow down the issue and try locating the problem through the process of elimination.

  1. Try increasing the volume by pressing the side button; do you see the volume icon? Are there any changes in the volume? If yes then that solved your problem. If the answer is no, don’t worry it might be a simple audio setting issue.
  2. Do you hear the music playing? If the answer is yes then your speakers are working if the answer is no then it might be an issue related to your speakers.
  3. Is your IPhone on silent? Check to see if the ring/ silent switch of your IPhone are set to ring. This can be found on the side of your mobile device. If the switch is towards the back of your IPhone, the ringer is turned off. If the ringer is pulled towards the front of your device, ringer is turned on.
  4. Check to see if you are on “Do Not Disturb Mode”. If you see a small moon icon on the top right corner of your mobile phone screen, then you are on “Do Not Disturb Mode”.
  5. Have you tried changing your ringtone? Corrupt or deleted ringtones can cause ringer issues and is worth checking out. If this fails as well, try checking if you have custom ringtones set up on your individual contacts.
  6. If all else fails, it might be the hardware.

Accumulated dirt on your headphone’s jack or dock connector can cause issues with your audio or ringer. A thorough cleaning using an anti static brush can sometime help resolve this issue. If the issue has not been resolved, your last resort is to go bring your iPhones’ in for repairs. If you are still covered under warranty, you can just bring your device to the nearest Apple repair service centre. If your warranty runs out, there is a lot of Mobile Repair Centre to go to.

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