Must Have Utility Apps for Android

Android mobile devices already come with pre-installed apps. From the extremely useful ones, to annoying applications you could so without. With a lot of available choices on the app market, there are loads of practical apps you can install on your Android mobile device to make it more versatile. From simple app that adds measurement tools or construction calculators for your DIY projects to mobile apps that adds flash-light functionality to your phones; exercise or diet manuals, barcode scanners/readers and many more. Here is a short list of utility apps that offers simple to the obscure functionality to your devices, which can help to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a one of a kind utility device.


Flash-light Utility

Perhaps the most essential of all utility apps that is simply a must is having a flash-light utility app on your mobile device irrespective of where you live. You will eventually be facing a situation where there are no lights available from brownouts to just simply walking on a dark alley; this utility option could come in handy. We recommend “Tiny Flashlight App”, but there are a numerous apps available on the Play Store you could try out.

Remote Mouse Or Keyboard.

Remote Mouse & Keyboard Utility

Control your desktop, laptop or Mac with your mobile devices. Utility apps with such functions are now available. Our personal favourite is Remote Mouse, but there are a lot of alternatives if you think it’s not for you.

Measuring and Conversion

Measuring and Conversion Utility

Measure anything from distance, height, width, through angle and slope, down to sound levels; this is achievable if you have the right utility app like Smart Tool that offers this functionality. This app also has a versatile unit and currency converter, making it a must have utility package.

File Manager

File Manager Utility

Most mobile phone devices comes with a built-in File Manager, but they have a limited functionality and does not allow access to root directories, mainly because users can make a mistake and can cost users dearly. Definitely, root browser functionality is only advisable for the more advanced users. It allows users to control the mobile devices’ OS, which is, by default, not recommended.

Device manager

Device Manager Utility

Easily allows for some pretty handy functionality, including (but not limited to): file transfer, texting, media management, and more.

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